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Art Queue

  1. Choco-Dutcho (Furry Amino): Background, colored
  2. DT (Email): Simple custom illustration
  3. StarStruck (Furry Amino): large character scene, shaded and colored
  4. Wilbur (discord): phone wallpaper, chibi headshot + bones
  5. Cat (discord/patreon): two customs, one simple with base, one elaborate.

*delays happening due to life complecations*

Dear commissioners and others interested in my work,

2022 really is rolling with the punches these past few months.

My grandma had a stroke early a few weeks back. I was the one to phone 911 and arrive early on the scene: to be honest it wasn’t super bad and I’m first responder trained so I’m used to emergency situations. Plus my grandma was full of energy and was joking with the paramedics. Don’t worry though, she made a complete recovery and is back home already. She is not allowed to be walking outside alone but other than that, life continues normal in that regard.

My cats dragged in this poor quail that I spent a few days finding the owners for since it was a domestic non native quail, and just last night they also dragged this little duckling home which I just reunited with its family an hour ago. Hilariously, the owner of the quail I connected with on the NextDoor App and I even knew them as a kid! I played with their daughter in the park when I was in middleschool. What a small world. For the duckling, thankfully that was pretty easy since the family of ducks live right next door in the park. It took a few hours to coax the duckling to head out to the mom but they eventually found each other.

I’m taking care of my family, they all work full time jobs and my parents’ company has offices in both Ukraine and Russia: so you can understand the stress they’re under. They’ve been working every day from 6am to 1am practically. On top of that, they themselves are from Ukraine and had to see the aftermath of their hometown burned to the ground. Thankfully all my extended family is not in Ukraine, but there are still family friends who do have their own families there still. Understandably, they’re all super stressed about the situation there. So I have been doing all the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, dish washing, pet care, etc. My other grandparents also had a few family emergencies although to a smaller degree. One had a surgery and the other threw out her back. I have also taken up the job of checking in with them and taking them to doctor appointments.

I’ll be offline Wednesdays as well as I’ll am volunteering at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s a 2-3 hour drive there and then I have a 4 hour shift, so pretty much the whole day will be gone. That is on top of my part time job as an illustrator for MISS Elasmo, and doing side artworks for several other marine science centers.

Safe to say, its been rather hectic, and in turn its been difficult to keep up with commissions and other side projects recently. Since my little free time I have left is for resting and being with friends irl. For that I do want to apologize and thank you for your understanding and patience with me. 

I hope to have a more relaxed schedule in June, so I can finally get started on your artworks. For now, please refrain from paying me until I send you a sketch of your commission: just to make sure that we both agree to the transaction, especially since its been a while.

Hope you all are having a better 2022 than I am,

Zed Shirogane

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