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Digital Commissions

STATUS: CLOSED (5/5 slots closed)

(will open once all 5 commissions are finished)

Further Confusion Exclusive Badge Commissions

For pickup at the convention , will be printed, laminated and cut. Check out my commissions and whichever type of commission you’d like for the badge (shaded, flat color, bust, full character, etc) just add $10 to the price to cover printing the illustration professionally onto a 8 in by 10 in glossy paper and the lamination. The badge will have extra reinforcement of a construction paper backing as well.

[badges with transparent bacgrounds will be considered the same as blank backgrounds]

NSFW Art is 2 times the price of SFW art, all commission options are available for NSFW art. See my Terms Of Service if you are interested in learning more about my NSFW policies. Check my Furaffinity ( for my NSFW art examples.

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