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Luv Byte Species

This is an original species created by Zed Shirogane.

A species of shape shifting flying mammals, Luv Bytes can commonly be misconstrued as nasty creatures that suck the affections out of others, as people used to believe that they consumed the love and drained it away for sustenance. However, this myth is false, and Luv Bytes do not consume affection but rather gain energy from just merely being around it. Luv Bytes are actually quite harmless. Pronounced “love bites”.

Luv Bytes most commonly can be found eating fruits and berries. However, probably the most defining feature of this species is their diet of affection. Rather than consume the feelings of love from those around them, just being in the vicinity of it will be able to fuel them. The best analogy of this so far, is that those who emit love emit a certain electrical current around them, that the bats can charge off of by being close by.

Different Luv Bytes prefer different types of love: ranging anywhere in platonic love, familial love, romantic love, and anything in between. Some enjoy the love others have over certain objects, such as games and franchises, others enjoy love between people. You will often find Luv Bytes at conventions and around children, as they give the most and purest amounts of affection.

Art by @dessydoodle69 on Twitter

Shape Shifting
Luv Bytes are species that can shape shift between being anthro and feral. While their anthro shape shift is their true look, and cannot be changed even in size, their feral form can shift between sizes at their will. Most anthro Luv Bytes range from 4ft tall to 6ft tall, and it is permanently at that height.

The feral shift of those Luv Bytes can be different only in size, ranging from domestic feline size to palm sized. Feral shifts can change size by will, while anthro shifts cannot. Most Luv Bytes feel more secure in their anthro shifts, but when scared they will turn feral so they could escape and hide easier. Sometimes it is just more convenient to be a small flying bat.

Art by Kelp on Luv Byte Amino

A large myth with Luv Bytes was that they, due to their mythical attributes, do not make children. However, like all mammals, Luv Bytes do in fact reproduce and make children. However, due to their shifting abilities, Luv Bytes do not have such a strict notion of gender as others, and can change their anatomy to best suit their preferences. Some may say that they are hermaphrodites, other researchers argue against. Nobody has really found the right term for them.

Art by @zekizoof on Instagram

Luv Bytes surprisingly live for long periods of time, which is against the usual trend of smaller mammals having shorter lifespans. This could be because they shapeshift into larger bodies, as well as have few children, possibly only once in their lives. This species has been regarded closely to humans, as their lifespans are slightly shorter and they have around the same numbers of offspring as well as development times.

Art by Cattoons_ on Furry Amino

Luv Bytes are generally soft creatures, and mostly come in calm soothing pastel colors. Most researchers believe this was evolved to live close to other animals, and make them pleasant to be around such that they can be around affection they sustain themselves off of. Luv Bytes very very rarely have saturated or dark colors, however some have in fact adapted to other types of love to fit in with their people: goth lovers tend to perhaps have darker gray and fuller pastel colored Luv Bytes nearby.

Each Luv Byte has a symbol of sorts on their wings, often relating to hearts or other symbols of affection, that reflect on their eyes as well; however, they do vary a lot and do not have to be related to notions of love. They also have white or lighter colored facial markings, colored linings of their wings, and striped tails much like a lemur or raccoon.

Art by Insect Beverage on Furry Amino

Anatomy Features
Luv Bytes have somewhat large fangs to help slice up fruits to eat. They have large rounded ears, often with tufts of hair at the end, which can sense a lot of things such as air pressure and heart beats. They have been known to warn others about major storms and the like, as they themselves love others.

Luv Bytes have thin, digitigrade legs that are a lot like that of a kangaroo mouse or a chinchilla. They are surprisingly powerful, probably to help kick themselves off the ground. Their wings are quite large, as their bodies can also be large and heavy. Their tails are soft and curled like chinchillas, but strong and ringed like a lemur’s.

They are covered in dense, incredibly soft fur, which one can either bathe in water to clean or perhaps have a quick dust bath to clean off. They have large, forward facing eyes and tend to have a white face marking that covers their entire face and a bit of the chest. They also have a nose that isn’t like a bat’s, rather is more like that of a chinchilla or rabbit, with very small thin whiskers on the edges.

Species Rules

This is a completely open species! You can make as many as you like, create as many adoptable characters as you like, and do pretty much whatever you want with them, as long as you stay reasonably within the specific information and guidelines.

Please when making your own Luv Byte, keep them pastel or light colored, as well as follow the anatomy outlines. Feel free to add your own twists, but be sure that it is reasonably within the information above.

So to be clear:

Art by Churro Guts on Furry Amino

Available Bases

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