Refund Policy

For adoptable character purchases: there are no available refunds.

For purchases of video art tutorials: there are no available refunds.

For downloadable purchases of lineart bases: refunds are available only if any technological problems arise; for example, your art program does not allow the file type of the download or your device is unable to download the file. Any other ask for refund will be up to my own jurisdiction on whether or not the situation is allowable for refunds.

For art commissions: unexplained refund requests will result in a permanent blacklist from my services. If you somehow realize you’re stuck in a financial issue AFTER you purchased a commission then ask for a refund, you will also be blacklisted. Do not commission me if you’re unsure of your financial stability. Of course I will hear you out if circumstances are out of the norm and we may discuss if full refund or partial refund is possible. I give refunds for situations caused by myself or my own lifestyle; such as me taking too long to complete a commission because problems caused by my personal life affect your commission timeline.

Contact me at for questions related to refunds.