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Terms Of Service

I only allow 5 commission slots at a time, to make sure I don’t get overloaded with work. If all 5 slots are taken, I will not open commissions until I complete at least 3 out of those 5 commissions. This is non negotiable, and is for my mental wellbeing.

I only take PayPal at the moment for real money payments, and amino coins for online digital currencies.

Full payment is required after the sketch is completed, but it can be withheld until the sketch phase is done: just so both myself and the commissioner are invested into the artwork. This will help if by the time before I reach the commissioner on my queue list, they can back away from the commission and my queue without any hassle. Plus less stress on myself as well.

I have the right to reject a commissioner: I may refuse to illustrate and take money from those I do not wish to work for. This could be due to the character design or the person ordering the artwork.

All commission characters must be owned by the commissioner or given permission to draw by the owner of the characters: I refuse to draw stolen characters or romantically artwork where the other person is not consenting.

No more than 4 characters in a commission. If you wish to commission an illustration with more than 4 characters the price will be dramatically raised. Message me and we can discuss it!

Unexplained refund requests will result in a permanent blacklist from my services. Unless the refund is offered by me: usually due to me taking too long to complete a commission because life gets in the way, sometimes problems caused by my life affect your commission and I can totally refund you because of that. If you somehow realize you’re stuck in a financial issue AFTER you purchased a commission then ask for a refund, you will also be blacklisted. Do not commission me if you’re unsure of your financial stability.

I have full rights to the artwork I create for you, meaning you cannot use my artworks on merchandise and other products without my permission. I also have the right to post the artwork on social media to promote myself and as examples for my work.

NSFW Specific Additional Terms Of Service:

NSFW will be treated differently than SFW art. You must be over the age of 18 to commission me for NSFW art. NSFW art costs 2 times the amount of SFW art. I will draw nude characters, including genetalia. I will not draw anything that relates to blood play, piss/poo/fart play, inflation, vore, and other acts that may related to them. I will allow shibari, wax candle, use of sweets like chocolate syrup, and other less intense erotica. Feel free to ask about whether or not I feel comfortable to illustrate, but please respect my choices if I decline.

By commissioning me for my artwork, you agree to these terms of service!

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